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    Follicular unit hair transplantation

    With the techniques used today, hair surgery is able to create more accurately natural and undetectable results.

    Why is choosing CapMédica for a transplantation an excellent decision?

    Our CapMédica surgical team knows that we are able to achieve the best aesthetic results in your hair transplantation thanks to our personalized service and our attention to detail.

    Our surgical team is by the patient at every moment. When the transplantation design is reviewed, during the FUE and during the follicular unit implantation.

    The closeness of our team and the physician to the patient as well as our thoroughness and attention to detail are our keys to a successful surgery.

    These are some of the reasons why our clinic limits its surgical activity to 2 or 3 transplants a week. This allows us to have a rested staff and to be strongly concentrate on our surgical work with each patient.

    The team that deals with surgery is vitally important, they are responsible for separating the follicular units. They ensure the quality of the grafts by minimizing the possible causes of grafts survival decrease such as drying or transection.

    In turn, the grafts are treated with the utmost care; they are never cut or rashly implement.

    Our goal is to ensure that your transplant as well as the experience you live about it are the best ones.

    Planning transplantation: the key to success

    Our hair surgeons perform their work perfectly by combining the mathematical aspects of transplantation like the number of grafts required, the necesary densities to be used to redensify the damaged area; as well as the artistic aspects such as the design of the hairline and the angle of the hair.

    Before starting the surgery CapMédica medical team spends all the time needed to review with the patient the design agreed during the previous visits. A single fault in a surgery aspect would be enough not to have the wanted results.

    The best results are those which are seen at first sight, allow natural aging and provide a good density.

    The technique: the importance of detail

    Hair surgery consists of transplanting growing hair from the neck area to your damaged scalp.The reason it is done this way is because the hair on the neck has the same characteristics as the hair in the other areas of the scalp. It is also genetically resistant to fall and therefore endure despite the evolution of alopecia.

    The use of sutures is not necessary when the follicular units are extracted independently through the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technic.

    During the implementation process the artistic skills of the surgeon are tested in each incision by creating naturally the most aesthetic results. All this to obtain natural and visually dense results.

      Deseo recibir información sobre las novedades y promociones de CapMédica