Reasons to help you

Reasons to help you

About CapMédica …

La Clínica Avanzada de Pelo, CapMédica, was created in response to the needs of setting up an appropriate and personal space for hair care and its diseases which is a very special dermatological pathology. At the clinic works a team of dermatology doctors with a special interest in hair pathologies -tricologists-, as well as nurses and technical experts in hair care and hair surgery.

In CapMedica we have incorporated all means that have scientifically demonstrated some significant benefit for the treatment of alopecia; the latest technical advances in digital diagnostic, medical treatments and aesthetic improvement.

One of our main goals is to help the patient understand his illness. In CapMedica we believe that this is essential for them to fight against it. For this reason, doctors spend so much time as necessary with the patients in order to make sure they understand what is happening and how to solve it.

At the Advanced Hair Clinic, CapMedica, we know the constant progress of medical science and health. That is why our professionals dedicate a lot of time in researching, publishing in magazines and giving talks at scientific meetings as well as comparing experiences with colleagues in order to bring the latest knowledge and technologies about hair, surgery and hair transplantation. For all this, the motto of CapMédica is:

“We have everything needed to give your hair a future”.
Ven a vernos a nuestra clínica de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, en la Avda. de Mesa y López, 12, 1ºC y te ofreceremos una solución personalizada a tu problema.
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